South African Victims of Marikana Massacre still awaiting Compensation



South African families affected by the Marikana massacre are still awaiting compensation for medical costs and loss of income from the government.

The families are expecting the compensation after the president’s office released a statement in September saying that they will be compensated. They had also filed a civil claim and been with the commission of inquiry which is yet to give any resolutions.

“On Friday we received an intention to defend, from the minister of police, so we weren’t quite certain what the position was, whether they intended to settle, but the state attorney did indicate to us that the intention is still to settle the claims. So at the moment we have no formal settlement, we don’t know what the process would be, there’s been no engagement with the families, about that, despite the president’s statement.” Said Kathleen Hardy, Legal Representative, Marikana Families

The statement by the Minister of police was not clear on whether the families will be compensated or will move to court with the civil appeal. The South African government has been given 20 days by the court to communicate their intentions to the families’ legal representative.

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