The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2015


The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet is an alliance made up of four organisations representing labour unions, leaders of industry, lawyers and human rights activists.

The Nobel committee praised it for helping establish democracy in the wake of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution in 2011.

The uprising was mirrored – by similar revolts in countries such as Egypt and Libya.

Many of them have since struggled to uphold democracy and fundamental rights.

But Tunisia has seen a democratic transition based on a vibrant civil society.

Last year the country saw peaceful elections, supported by the Quartet, which secured approval of the constitutional process among the population.

The group helped pave the way for peaceful dialogue and countered the spread of violence in Tunisia.

The country still faces significant political, economic and security challenges.

But the Norwegian Nobel Committee hopes that this year’s prize will contribute towards safeguarding democracy in Tunisia.

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