Sexual Health Education introduced in new school curriculum in Uganda



The Ugandan government has introduced in the new school curriculum education on sexual health to provide information on pregnancy and STIs

There have been a record number of girls aged between 10 and 18 that have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. Therefore leading to the reason as to why sexual health education will be appropriate in avoidance of teenage pregnancy and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDs.

The fact that it is a taboo for Ugandans to publicly discuss sexual matters has gone to an extent that parents are not talking to their children about the matter.

Sexual health education will become compulsory in Uganda schools effective 2017, compulsory for children aged between 10 and 16  to attend the classes

Body changes during adolescence, how to manage feelings and preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted are some of the topics that will be in the handbook that will be used by teachers in these classes.

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