UNSMIL chief says Lybian Unity Government could be announced on Thursday


UNSMIL chief Bernardino Leon said on Wednesday that he expects that a National Unity Government could be finalised as early as Thursday afternoon.

He told a press conference in the Moroccan resort of Skirhat that the GNC would be meeting tomorrow morning to put forward names for the roles of prime minister and deputy prime ministers and two other members of the presidential council.

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Harking back to the UN General Assembly session in New York last Friday, Leon said that it had been an extremely important meeting.

Quizzed by journalists who wondered if he was not being overly optimistic, Leon replied that the prospects of agreement were good. “It is not a matter of optimism” he insisted. He pointed to the rival Libyan delegates who had been fighting each other but  who had gone to New York last week.

Noting that thanks to social media, there were no secrets in Libya, Leon said that while he had a reasonable idea of all the nominees , he wished to be discrete and disclose none at this point. He said however, “Everybody is trying to propose names for a government that will be able to work together, people that can be efficient in their jobs and that can be part of a team, because as I have said many times, the problems in Libya cannot be solved by one person or two”.

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