Nigerians reacts to Buhari’s ministerial list

Nigerians have been reacting to the Ministerial list that was released earlier by Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki. Nigerians moved to twitter using the hashtag #TheList which is currently trending in the country to express their opinion on the list.

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Maikel Ibia: A mixture of technocrats and politicians. I believe the President had thought a lot before making those appointments and I have confidence in his decision and hopefully time will vindicate.

Ofofo Eyinsan Samson Dis is ridiculous, u mean all dis criminals in d last administration are projected by Buhari as nominees……how would he curtail corruption with this set of pple in his cabinet? (Honestly, dis pple are too smart for Buhari to handle)

Emmanuel Femi Durosinmi: Hmmmmm!! The anticipated list is finally unveiled. Let us not be sentimental about the list. Our concern now should be the the capacity of the NASS to carefully screen the unveiled nominees without fear or favour. It is the constitutional responsibility of the Nigerian legislature to access each of the nominees. My opinion is that the screening should not only be based on credentials, but the quality of the work done in the capacity each of them has served before. I hope the screening will not be politicized. Patiently waiting for the screening day. God bless Nigeria!

Mohammed K. MusaOnly thing is I don’t see the youth or the next generation of Nigerians but hopefully the next list will cover that.