Senegal produces first wine

wine glasses

Senegal’s first vineyard -‘Le Clos des Baobabs’ in french or ‘The Baobab Field’ in English- has scenic vines entangled with African baobab trees

The vine yard has just had its second harvest on the harsh African soul that has given the founders, Philippe Franchois and Francois Normant, a hard time establishing the business.

At least 500 bottles of red and rose wine will be branded with the iconic baobab tree that dots the field. A bottle would sell at arounf 12.30 dollars, a price that the middle class of the country can afford bacause of the quality assured according to the founders.

According to the Francois, a group of sommeliers and winemakers that were invited to a blind wine tasting of the wine thought the wine to be a product of the prestigious wine making areas of Cotes de Provence or Coteaux d’Aix” in France.