Tension in Burkina Faso as army orders Ouagadougou to stay home



Burkina Faso’s army has ordered Ouagadougou residents to stay home for security reasons after some members of the presidential guard refused to disarm.

The order targets those who live near the barracks of the presidential guard which staged a coup before giving back power to the interim government led by Michel Kafando.

Soldiers and tanks were reportedly seen on the streets of Ouagadougou, though it was not clear if the army was preparing an attack or it was just mounting pressure on the presidential guard.

The army had earlier started supervising the disarming of the 1,200 member guard, but then said that some of the unit’s members were refusing to hand over their weapons. It is said that coup leader Gilbert Diendere has not issued any clear orders for them to do so.

The presidential guard took the interim president Michel Kafando hostage alongside interim Prime Minister and two other ministers when they staged the coup.

Gen Gilbert Diendere later released the leaders and gave power back to Kafando.

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