Gradually Rewriting the African Story



In the spirit of building the African dream, a young lady in Kenya is slowly rewriting the story of Africa by mentoring the young generation. Wanjuhi Njoroge has made it her mission to bring positive change to children by equipping them with information technology skills and education.

In a continent rapidly embracing technology especially the internet, Wanjuhi has seen it fit to equip pupils form the villages of Kenya with this ‘basic’ skill. Wanjuhi might describe herself as many things, one of them being that she is a serial entrepreneur, but the reality is that her heart melts at the thought of giving back to the society.

Wanjuhi Njoroge engaging pupils in her mentorship programme

With a background in Information technology and a passion for education, this 26 year old, founded an organization that has taken mentorship to another space. Her social enterprise is a tool for transforming the lives of young ones in the rural and remote parts of Kenya. In an effort to stem the high rate of school drop outs, through her organization, she has been able to reach out to primary school pupils by introducing them to ICT.

It was in her village of Kabaru under the watchful eye of her mother who is a teacher that Anne started this journey; an initiative to build a school library and equip it with computers and books. Her struggle has been acquiring library materials, a stage that she is struggling to get donations for.

An under-stocked library shelf in the school library

Wanjuhi owns and runs a successful small sized IT company in the capital city of Kenya. It was through this venture that she realised that she has a hunger to reach out to the community, which led to her RootED organization.

Anne Wanjuhi has found home with similar minds as a global shaper with the World Economic Forum and is currently a fellow at Vital Voices.

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