Kenya nabs an illegal shipment


A Norwegian flagged ship was seized by Kenyan security forces at the port of Mombasa carrying unverified amounts of ammunition and drugs.

The ship owned and operated by Norway’s Hoegh Autoliners was nabbed last Thursday according to the police officers in Mombasa. The ship had sailed from Mumbai, India. The police are yet to give a figure of the quantities recovered terming it as an ongoing operation.

Coastguards and navies in East Africa are struggling with flow of drugs through the region’s waters with a report of increased transport of heroin from Afghan to Europe through the route.


The port of Mombasa exports tea and coffee from the whole East African region and handles imports into the region of goods such as fuel among others.

Mombasa police seized 341.7 kg of heroin in July. In 2014, Australian Navy Warship captured heroin worth 158 dollars while patrolling the Indian Ocean in November and in April raided a dhow near Kenya carrying 1023 kg of heroin