Sierra Leone launch manhunt for an Ebola infected woman

Sierra Leone launch manhunt for an Ebola infected woman

Sierra Leone has announced a Le5 million ($1,000) rewards for information on the whereabouts of a missing woman believed to be infected with Ebola.

She is considered by the country’s National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) as of “serious concern”; she has been in hiding since late last month when an Ebola viral swab test from a deceased relative turned positive.

Sierra Leone’s Ebola Response Centre is claiming today that the latest outbreak of the deadly virus in the West African state has been contained.

The NERC believes she maybe sick and they consider her a threat to the overall effort to ending the viral transmission

Around 1500 people have been quarantined, as the health authorities battled to contain the latest outbreak following the death of two people.

A 16 year-old girl in the city of Makeni in the country’s Northern provinces death came just two weeks after a 67 year-old food trader died in the neighbouring district of Kambia.

Both were confirmed to be victims of Ebola.

In August, Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma led a festive ceremony celebrating the discharge of the country’s last known Ebola patient from Makeni hospital and a countdown began to the country becoming Ebola-free.