Burkina Faso’s History of turmoil

We take a look at the history of Burkina Faso’s leadership turmoil

Thomas Sankara

In 1987, Thomas Sankara was ousted and killed in a coup led by his close aide, Blaise Compaore.

Compaore remained in power for the next 27 years. In 2014 October, when protests against proposed constitutional changes to allow him another five years in power turned into a mass uprising that drove President Compaore from office.

Blaise Compaore.

After Compaore fled the country, Chief of Army Staff General Traore attemped to seize power, but Colonel Zida claimed command the next day.

Michel Kafando

A few weeks later, Political and military leaders chose former Foreign Minister Michel Kafando as interim President following mediation efforts from the AU, Ecowas and the United Nations.

An election was then set for October 2015 with hopes pinned for a new fresh start for Burkina Faso

The events on Wednesday may derail the election process once again setting concerns that the country may once again be in a crisis.

 Burkina Faso Political Timeline

1987 – Blaise Compaore ousts Thomas Sankara in a coup
Stays in power for 27 years

October 2014 – Mass uprising topples Compaore from office

October 2014 – Compaore flees to Cote D’Ivoire, Army chiefs claim power,

November 2014 – Former FM Michel Kafando installed as Interim President
Election set for October 2015

September 2015 – Presidential guard detains Interim President and Prime Minister
a month before the elections.