Argan Oil , the liquid gold of Morrocco


Morrocco might be known for so many things, but unique to the country is the century old Argan Oil. The ancient oil harvested from the Argan nuts found in the South Western parts of the country.


The almond shaped nut is found in the small, firm Argan fruit surrounded by a thick peel and pulp.

Named UNESCO protected area Argan forest is the source of the fruit. However, the 30-foot-tall Argan tree cannot be protected from goats that scamper to the top to feast on the fruits that ripen mainly in June of every year. It is from goat excretions that the natives collected the nuts, used stones to crashed and grind the seeds inside by hand to produce the oil.


It was this ancient culture that led women to form cooperatives to produce the oil, holding on to the manually way of manufacturing the oil.

Although known for ages of its benefits, it is scientists who have clearly give the properties of the oil. Argan oil contains fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is these qualities that enable it to revamp hair, soften skin and heal skin ailments. If consumed in its butter form, the argan nut is known keep cholesterol low, ease pain from rheumatism and arthritis and also prevent some types of cancer.

Argan Oil


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