Burkina Faso’s array of presidential candidates

Burkina Faso’s Election date set for October 11 2015


At least 14 candidates are set to run for presidency in the next month’s elections in Burkina Faso. This great show of democracy follows the forced removal of President Blaise Compaore who served for over three decades.

The West African nation fought for their democracy in an uprising last year that saw the long term president ousted. The upcoming election is expected to be the first of its kind since 1960 when the country got its independence from France.

Two candidates out of an initial 16 were declared unfit to join in the race for a seat in the October 11  Election Day according to a statement issued Thursday.

Burkina Faso’s parliament adopted a new electoral code that omitted all the individuals that supported the former president’s proposal to amend the constitution to enable him to run for another term from running. The former ruling party has also been declared ineligible.

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