Buhari to discuss regional security with Mahama



Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari is expected to travel to Accra, Ghana today to discuss regional security with his Ghanaian counterpart, President John Dramani Mahama. The Nigerian president’s office has issued a statement confirming this.

During the one-day official visit, Buhari will also discuss trade relations with Ghana.

As part of his efforts to build a concerted regional effort against the Islamist extremists of Boko Haram, Buhari has already visited neighbouring Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin.

Boko Haram’s insurgency has already claimed more than 15,000 lives since it began its extremist operations in 2009, with more than 2.1 million people displaced as a result of the conflict.

The regions countries have pledged to contribute troops to the Multinational Joint Force, expected to have about 8,700 troops. Police will also probably be deployed soon for the same purposes.

President Buhari, a former military leader, marked his first 100 days in office on Saturday.

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