ISIS ‘roast’ prisoners alive


ISIS militants have released a horrifying video clip showing four prisoners suspended over fire by their hands and feet, burning them alive.

The disgusting video of the latest execution by the terrorist group has been released by the group’s propaganda team.

It is not yet known what the men’s crimes were or where the pictures were taken. The executions are however believed to have been done in response to an earlier released video showing a captured ISIS terrorist burned to death and then sliced up by a rebel fighter nicknamed the ‘Angel of Death’.

The video released online shows Abu Azrael, one of ISIS’ most feared enemies committing the sickening act as a warning to his enemies.

In that video, Abu laughs as he cuts the dead ISIS terrorist.

The four executed men were forced to watch this traumatic footage before their own sentence was carried out.

ISIS is very well known for its sickening execution methods.

Just earlier this month, fighters in Afghanistan forced men to kneel on explosives and then blowing them up. Sometime in June, the group released another video showing caged prisoners being lowered into a swimming pool to drown, alongside other very horrific executions.