70 Seconds, 70 Years: Bombing of Chongqing

Hi, in today’s 70 Seconds, 70 Years, we look at ordinary Chinese’s life during  the devastating bombing of Chongqing, one of the longest air raids in the history of WWII in which civilians were targeted.  In 1938, the Japanese military decided to destroy Chinese people’s morale by conducting air raids on the Kuomintang government’s provisional capital, Chongqing in southwestern China.   In the days that followed, for the residents of Chongqing, rushing into a shelter at the sound of the alarm became a daily routine, no matter whether they were eating, sleeping or walking on the street, given the intensity of the bombings.   However, even shelter was not a safe space, given that the lengthy raids resulted in hundreds dying of suffocation in the shelters.  Over 16,000 people lost their lives in the attacks on the city at the time. By all means, Chongqing was nearly wiped off the map, if not for the strength of the people there to persevere and rebuild.   I’m Wang Yizhi with CCTVNEWS, see you next time.