Egypt: Verdict postponed for bellydancers over debauchery charges

The Egyptian Agouza Misdemeanor Court has postponed its verdict over two belly dancers accused of risque video clips to September 3.  Mohamed al-Nemr, a lawyer who brought the case against Soha “Shakira” Ali and Dalia “Bardis” Mostafa, demanded the severest punishment for both, accusing them of “spreading debauchery through their promiscuous, suggestive clips”.
belly_dancers_shakira_and_bardis_in_white_prison_abayas_during_trial_over_debauchery_charges (1)
Defense lawyers, meanwhile, demanded the release of their clients, arguing that the videos subject to the petition had been filmed inside a TV satellite studio, probably suggesting they were aired inside a licensed studio.
Late August, another bellydancer, Reda al-Fouly, had her one-year jail term commuted to six months over a viral YouTube video that also brought her “debauchery” charges

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