Egypt : 61 female students were harassed by teachers in school

A government body has reported at least 61 cases of sexual harassment of young female students in primary and secondary schools in Egypt last year.
The Supreme Administrative Prosecution office released its annual report on Monday, including all violations and crimes which have taken place in the education sector and were investigated during the year 2014.
The report described sexual harassment in school compasses by being a “abhorrent phenomenon” which has risen in occurrence in Egypt over the past decades.
“Sexual harassment generally is violating humanity, religions and morals, and it has become more critical after taking place in the educational institutions in where students supposed to be in the responsibly of the teachers not being harassed emotionally and physically,” the report said.
On April 26 “I Saw Harassment”, an anti-harassment initiative, documented several cases of sexual assaults by teachers at public or private schools against teenage female students. According to the initiative’s report, in March 2015 police officers of Al-Mokattam police station arrested an English-language teacher who had sexually harassed two young students (6 and 8 years old) in a public school.

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