Libya’s PM Thinni says on TV that he will resign

Libya Prime minister
Libya’s internationally recognized prime minister angrily promised to quit during a live television broadcast, though his government says he remains in office.

Libya’s internationally recognized Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni said in a television interview that he would resign, after the station’s host confronted him with questions from angry citizens who criticized his cabinet as ineffective.

But in a move typical for a country in chaos where accurate information is hard to get as officials often contradict each other, government spokesman Hatem al-Arabi told Reuters Thinni would stay on, adding that the premier had only meant he would quit if the people demanded it.

“I officially resign and I will submit my resignation to the House of Representatives on Sunday,” he told “Libya channel”, a private TV station in an interview broadcast late on Tuesday.

Al-Thinni’s remarks come as the United Nations tries to negotiate a power-sharing deal between Al-Thinni’s government and the Tripoli-based Islamist-led government.

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