Uganda holds annual dog show


More than 100 of Uganda’s top dogs had a day of tail wagging fun on Sunday at the annual Ultimate Dog Show held in Kampala.

In its fifth year, the competition featured a variety of breeds vying to become top dogs.

In the competition, the dogs had to show great levels of agility, obedience and tracking.


As the saying goes, every dog has its day. The winner of the competition was Mr. Winnie an eight-kilogram male dachshund owned by Joshua.

“He was the smallest dog on the pitch. I believe everything he did was so exciting just like what every big dog did, he did.” Joshua said


The show is not just about the competition, over the years dogs have become big business and breeds have made their way into peoples’s homes.

The show is also meant to entice people to live well with their animals, that association between the animal and human being and Mr. Nicholas Ndirangu one of the organizers thought people needed sensitization to get to that point.

More than a hundred of Uganda’s top dogs have been put through their paces in the country’s annual dog-show. The winner is walking proof that size is not quite everything. CCTV’s Leon Ssenyange reports.