”Africa is on the move”:President Obama

Obama summit 3
President Obama at the summit as he officially opened it

US president Barack Obama has officially opened the Global Entrepreneurship summit in Kenya with some words of encouragement to the African continent that is usually viewed in all negative aspects.

Obama while addressing the attendants at the summit said, ”Africa is on the move and it should be the hub of Global economic growth.”

People are being lifted out of poverty, incomes are up and the middle class is growing,”

Obama is due to visit a memorial to the 1998 US embassy bombing, before talks on security with Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta.

This is his first visit as president to his father’s homeland.

Kenya is the first Sub Saharan African country to host the international summit which has been attended by influential Businessmen and  entrepreneurs  from 120 countries.

President Obama insisted that Women are the powerhouses of Entrepreneurship and hence governments should create and enabling environment for those that have ideas that will work towards empowering their communities.

Obama summit 1
President Barack Obama

President Obama said the US has secured 1 billion dollars to fund 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa.
On his part President Uhuru Kenyatta said  his government will create an enabling environment to allow young people to flourish getting rid of bottlenecks that make it difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to access capital  for their ventures.

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