Cameroon bans face veils in the north after suicide bombings

Muslim woman in a hijab

Cameroon has banned women from wearing burkas and and face-covering veils after suicide bombing attacks in the north region.

The attack caused by women in burkas killed at least 14 people on Sunday, a government official said Wednesday.

According to AFP, the governor of Cameroon’s Far North Region said that the region had also banned Muslims from meeting in large groups without permission, as the end of Ramadan nears.

Imam Hamaounde Abba of Mora in the Far North Region protested the ban, saying for those who wear the veil it’s not a choice. AFP reported.

Boko Haram for a long time has been launching attacks across Nigeria’s boarder.

Troops from Nigeria and its neighbouring countries came together to fight the Islamist group but several attacks have been seen. Several have been arrested but the attacks are yet to end.