Burkina Faso Ex-president Compaore indicted for high treason

Burkina Faso Ex-president Compaore

Burkina Faso’s transitional council has indicted former president Blaise Compaore and some senior members of his government for high treason.

Compaore, who ruled the West African nation for nearly three decades, was forced to flee last October after an uprising when he attempted to change the constitution to enable him to seek a third term in office.

The National Transitional Council, which is acting as parliament, said its members had voted to indict the former president and members of his government.

The transitional council is steering Burkina Faso back to constitutional rule, which will culminate with a presidential election in October.

A move by the council to also exclude Compaore from contesting in the October elections was termed illegal by the top court of regional bloc ECOWAS.