University Students threaten to Commit Suicide if Obama Skips Campus Visit

Babu Owino,the president of the University students union

Kenyan’s are eagerly awaiting their ‘Son’ who is also the president of the most powerful nation in the world USA.

Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr, was born in western Kenya in 1936 and died there in a car accident in 1982.

This is not Obama’s first trip to Kenya. But it seems Kenyans can never get enough of him and hence the ‘ObamaMania’ that has gripped the country.

Kenya will be hosting US President Barack Obama in the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit.But almost everyone wants to have a piece of Obama and the Nairobi university students do not want to be left out.

Eighteen University of Nairobi (Kenya) students have threatened to commit suicide if US President Barack Obama fails to visit the campus, The student union chairman Babu Owino has said.

Owino spoke to CCTV Africa on phone saying the threats are real and that for him he is just a messenger who is sending a message a cross. ”I do not want to blamed by people for not passing this message across,” he told CCTV Africa.

In a letter to US Ambassador Robert Godec, Owino further warned that 31 female students would urinate on a tree planted by the US President at the university.

Obama planted the tree in 2006, when he was Illinois Senator.

“Male students will do worse. This will be catastrophic, calamitous and cataclysmic. God forbid,” Owino said in the letter released on Monday. “It saddens our hearts that President Barack Obama is not scheduled to visit the great UoN… I therefore honorably appeal to Obama to visit…” Owino requested Godec to appeal to Obama to visit the university, saying they will listen to him at any time of day or night.

Here is a copy of the letter