Uganda tightens border checks over illicit brew


Ugandan authorities have tightened checks on the importation of alcohol from Kenya as authorities in Nairobi intensify the crackdown on illicit brew that has killed over 80 people since last year.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) customs officials who man borders are on the lookout for this illicit brew to stop it from entering the country, a source in URA revealed. Uganda’s local newspaper reported.

According to New Vision, URA’s assistant Commissioner for public and corporate affairs, Sarah Banage, said they have put in place strategies to contain the importation of illicit brew into the country.

The second generation brew which has killed several has become a subject of deliberation in Kenya given its fatal consequences once consumed. This has led to banning of 385 companies making spirits in Kenya.

Uganda is urging its people to consume only recognized and well labelled alcohol brands that have been approved by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

Over the weekend, eight people died and scores more were left wounded in a crackdown in Kenya on illegally brewed alcohol.

Hundreds of others were also arrested, business premises destroyed and thousands of litters of illegal brew destroyed in the operation, sparked by government concern over rising alcoholism and a recent spate of deaths linked to illicit drinks.


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