Car goes through roof in Durban,South Africa

car roof 2
No one was in the incident

A car went off the road flying into the roof of a house in Durban City , South Africa.

A spokesperson for ER24 emergency services, said that the paramedics are still trying to figure out the cause of the incident.

The driver of the car said he drove over a ramp, and this led him to crash into the house in Kwamakhutha township.

Witnesses said they saw the vehicle take off from the road before it landed on the roof of the house.

ER24 said the driver  escaped without any injury while a person sleeping in a room next to the one where the car landed was also unhurt.

The sleeping person in the house was woken by the car falling on the house. The cause of this incident still remains unknown.

The spokesperson termed the incident a bizarre one saying it’s unusual compared to a car driving through the walls of a building.