New video shows Tunisia killer on beach


Video footage shared on social networks on Monday showed the jihadist who killed 38 people at a Tunisian resort walk slowly across the sand, where the bloodied bodies of his victims lie still. Intermittent gunfire can be heard in the 11-minute amateur video, which a Tunisian man shot using his mobile phone.

The dreadful moment a Kalashnikov-wielding mass-murderer stalked through a hotel searching for more victims has been captured on film. The horrifying footage obtained by Sky News, some of the most comprehensive yet to emerge of Friday’s massacre, shows the terrorist Selfeddine Rezgui just moments after he opened fire on a beach full of innocent tourists. Taken by a member of the hotel staff – the video shows the incredible bravery of Tunisian workers as they bid to bring his slaughter to a stop.

Friday’s attack claimed by the Islamic State group is the bloodiest jihadist attack in Tunisia’s history.

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