Sepp Blatter urged to confirm departure from FIFA

FIFA’s Sepp Blatter Urged to Confirm Departure
FIFA’s Sepp Blatter Urged to Confirm Departure

FIFA election monitor Domenico Scala has urged Sepp Blatter to state clearly he is leaving as president.

Scala calls in a statement for “all concerned — including Mr. Blatter” to endorse “unequivocally the announced changing of the guard at the top of FIFA.”

Blatter announced his planned exit on June 2 amid a crisis provoked by American and Swiss federal investigations of corruption.

Then, the newly re-elected FIFA leader said he would not be a candidate in a fresh ballot to be held between December and March.

However, Blatter has since fuelled speculation he wants to continue at world football’s governing body by saying he technically did not resign.

Scala, chairman of FIFA’s independent audit and compliance committee, says Sunday “the times of flirting with the power are definitely gone.”