President Nkurunziza launches his presidential campaign

Burundi President
President Pierre Nkurunziza


Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza on Thuirsday launched his presidential campaign despite the political crisis facing the country.

According to VOA, president Nkurunziza launched his re-election campaign in front of his thousands of supporters who cheered him own.

Calls have been made for both the presidential and parliamentary elections to be postponed until the country has a conducive environment for the elections.

Meanwhile, at least 200 students broke into the US embassy in Burundi on Thursday seeking refuge after police attempted to break up their camp outside the compound.

Armed US marines watched from the embassy roof as students climbed under the gate and over the wall before sitting inside the compound with their hands raised after abandoning their camp.

The camps were established outside the complex in late April. Burundian officers later confiscated the students’ belonging which were mainly suitcases and mattresses.

The commotion took place as three grenade attacks left several injured in the capital, Bujumbura.

Also Burundi’s second vice-president Gervais Rufyikiri, who fled the country to Belgium fearing for his life, urged Nkurunziza to withdraw his presidential bid because “it violates the constitution.”

He accused the president of leading the country on the path of illegality.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place June 29, followed by president vote on July 15.

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