Mali rebel groups to sign peace deals

mali rebels 2
The Tuareg-led CMA announced its decision in May to sign the peace accord.

The UN Security Council says it looks forward to the signing of the peace accord in Mali by the country’s main rebel grouping on June 20, hoping a completion of the process.

In absence of the Malian main rebel grouping, the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), which include three major rebel groups in northern Mali, Mali’s government on May 15 signed the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation with pro-government militias as well as some of the country’s minor rebel groups in Bamako, the national capital of Mali.

In a statement released here to the press, the 15-member body urged the Coordination armed groups to refrain from any action that could undermine the peace process and “to demonstrate responsibility and courage in the supreme interest of peace in Mali.”

The Tuareg-led CMA announced its decision in May to sign the peace accord.

It also signed up to a preliminary peace agreement with the Malian government on May 14 but said “some of its aspects need to be worked on with the mediators and the Mali government.”

On May 27, thousands of Malians marched in Bamako, to show their support for the peace accord.

Since the end of April, hostilities have resumed in northern Mali between Tuareg rebels and pro-government militias.

UN Security Council has been calling for immediate end of fighting and urging the CMA to sign the peace accord, brokered by Algeria under auspices of the United Nations, to address the long-term crisis in the country.