UN Report Makes Recommendations to Stop Sex Abuse

An independent panel reviewing the United Nations peacekeeping operations has recommended sweeping changes to make UN soldiers more accountable for sexual abuse and other crimes.The chair of the Panel Jose Ramos-Horta called for Zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse by soldiers.


In a bid to eliminate sex abuse from UN peacekeeping missions, the first major review of operations in 15 years has recommended that countries which flout children’s rights be barred from blue helmet missions.


Speaking after handing, the peace keeping report to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon former East Timor president Jose Ramos-Horta who chaired the 16 member panel conducting the review, called for zero tolerance on sexual abuse by soldiers.

The report also recommended six-month deadlines on investigations, compared to an average 16 months, and an effective and adequately resourced victim assistance program.