South Africa Court Bid To Arrest Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir

The Pretoria High Court on Sunday issued an order preventing Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir to leave South Africa. Judge Hans Fabricius ordered that he be prohibited from leaving South Africa, and that the Department of Home Affairs ensure the order is sent to every port of entry and exit in South Africa.


The Pretoria High Court says Mr Bashir must stay until it rules on Monday on whether he should be handed over to the International Criminal Court (ICC). President Bashir is in Johannesburg for an African Union (AU) summit.

The ICC has two outstanding warrants against al-Bashir, wanted over allegations of anti-humanity crimes.There are tensions between the ICC and the AU, with some on the continent accusing the court of unfairly targeting Africans.

The ICC called on South Africa to respect its obligations to the Rome Statute of the ICC to arrest al-Bashir.