South Africa game trackers hunt for a lion that escaped from a wildlife park


Game trackers in South Africa are searching for a lion that escaped from a wildlife park, officials said Tuesday, warning members of the public not to approach the animal.

South Africa game trackers

A helicopter has been used in the hunt for the three-year old lion that is thought to have slipped through a hole in the fence at Karoo National Park in the south of the country on Friday night. AFP reported

South African National Parks said that the trackers picked up the lion’s spoor on a number of occasions, but the terrain is mountainous, with many river valleys, made it difficult.

The carcass of a gembok antelope was put out to tempt the lion but without success, and park managers asked neighbouring farmers to be on the lookout.

Last week, a 29-year-old female US tourist was mauled to death by a lion in a Johannesburg game park after she wound down the windows of car she was travelling in and was attacked.

The lion from the Karoo National Park is believed to have been forced out by older males.

“It is suspected he escaped through a hole under the fence line after damage caused by heavy rains,” the parks department said.

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