Canadian pop star Justin Bieber pleads guilty to assault


Bieber was arrested and released in September last year

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has pleaded guilty to crashing into a photographer’s van while ina an accident that happened in Canada last August.

The accident happened  close to his father’s Canadian home in Stratford, Ontario.

An additional charge of dangerous driving was dropped, his lawyer confirmed to CBCNews. The singer was fined $750 for the careless driving charge and received an absolute discharge on the assault charge.

The court was told of how Bieber crashed his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) into a man who was taking photos of the “on-off” couple. Bieber was later arrested on 1st of September.

Bieber did not attend court but appeared by a video link, the Toronto Star reports.

Addressing Bieber on Thursday, Justice Kathryn McKerlie told him that “the lesson in all of this is to think before you act. Everybody in life, no matter who they are, encounters difficult and disappointing and surprising situations.”

A dangerous driving charge laid in the case was withdrawn, Bieber’s lawyer said, and the singer was sentenced to a $750 fine for the careless driving charge and an absolute discharge — guilty without the registration of a criminal conviction — on the assault charge.

“That brings to an end the incidents of Aug. 29, 2014 that led to the charges relating to the photographers in Stratford,” Bieber’s lawyer Brian Greenspan told The Canadian Press.