Angola’s Eduardo Dos Santos to visit China

dos santos1
Angola’s president Eduardo Dos Santos


Angola’s President Eduardo Dos Santos is set to make an official visit to China at the invitation of President Xi JinpingWhile in Beijing President Dos Santos will hold talks with President Xi JinPing and is expected to sign several bilateral agreements with his counterpart.

China and Angola’s relations date back to Pre-independence days Angola.

Dos Santos has sought to strengthen relations.China is Angola’s biggest trading partner – and Angola is China’s second-bigger trading partner in Africa – after South Africa in 2014, during a visit to Angola.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with President Dos Santos.

China has a community of more than 260,000 nationals residing in Angola, especially workers in major construction projects that are underway in the country, but also businesspeople.

In addition, China buys nearly half of the oil that Angola exports, which in turn benefits from credit lines that have allowed it to start reconstruction of the country, following the end of the civil war in April 2002