Madagascar awaits ruling on president’s fate

President Hery Rajonarimampian


Madagascar is awaiting a ruling from the Constitutional Court on whether its president can be sacked.

Parliamentarians there have voted overwhelmingly to impeach Hery RAJO-NARI-MAM-PIAN.  But the president says the MPs are risking the stability of the island.

Lawmakers voted this week to impeach the country’s president for what they say are his repeated violations of the constitution.

The coup left the country isolated in the international community and deprived of foreign aid.

Ahead of the parliamentary vote, the US embassy in Antananarivo urged the MPs to put the stability of the country first.

The parliamentarians say they secured a two-thirds majority required for an impeachment motion, which now goes to the constitutional court for review.

However, President Hery Rajaonarimampianina says they fell short of the majority and that the lawmakers are bitter about not being granted certain perks such as new vehicles.

Relations between parliament and the president have been strained for months.

Madagascar suffered five years of political turmoil beginning in 2009 when Andry Rajoelina ousted Marc Ravalomanana from power.



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