Rwandans want a third term for President Kagame

kagame 2
President Paul Kagame


While Burundians have been protesting against President Pierre Nkurunziza for wanting a third term in office, Rwandans have gone ahead to petition parliament to add their president a third term in power.

Several people thronged parliament in the capital Kigali on Tuesday with petitions packaged in baskets and gift boxes, demanding that the two-term limit be erased from the Constitution to allow their president Paul Kagame to stand for re-election for a third term.

The petitioners who are mostly the president’s supporters want Article 101 of the Rwandan Constitution amended to allow p[resident Kagame to seek a third term

However the article is under the section of the constitution protected from easy tampering, that only a Referendum can overturn.

Hundreds of people lined up at Parliament buildings on Tuesday singing songs of praise and chanting slogans denouncing foreigners pressurising Mr Kagame to follow the two-term law.

The speaker of Parliament is said to have listened to the petitioners  but constitutionally only a referendum will settle the speculation weather Kagame will run for a third term or not.

Kagame’s supporters want parliament to propose a motion which will allow the president to run in the 2017 elections .

The petitioners cited the president’s record on development, peace and unity in the country that in 1994 suffered a genocide which left more than 800,000 people dead.

They say he has delivered on electricity, roads, medical care, education and security among other things.

Mr Kagame’s critics, however say, his party, the RPF is behind the numerous groups and that people fear to express themselves otherwise Ms Mukabalisa told Daily Monitor at the sidelines that the House has received many petitions, but, could not put a number to them.