Legislators in Madagascar vote to dismiss president

President Rajaonarimanpianina


Madagascar’s parliament  voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to dismiss President Hery Rajao-nariman-pianina for alleged constitutional violations and general incompetence.

The country’s constitutional court will now decide, whether the decision to dismiss him can be enacted.

The motion was backed by 121 of the 125 lawmakers, who voted, easily clearing the two-thirds majority required.

However, some allege the vote was ridden with irregularities.

The U.S. embassy had pledged support for the president and called on parliament to put the stability of the country first.

When President Rajaonarimanpianina came to power  through a popular vote in December 2013 – the first democratic vote since 2006 – it was hoped Madagascar was finally emerging from a deep political and economic crisis.

The country had been plunged into chaos in 2009 when Rajaonarimanpianina’s predecessor Marc Ravalomanana was ousted in a coup.

But Rajaonarimanpianina’s critics say he has failed to deliver on his promises and one of his key political allies has deserted him.

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