Uganda to introduce a pension fund to support musicians

Some of the popular musicians in Uganda today


The Ugandan government is considering introducing a pension fund to support old musicians and their dependents.

The fund is expected to assist most old musicians who regardless of their musical legacy they have nothing else to show for their celebrity staus.

Most musicians who were famous years ago for lack of having a good saving system, failed to save for their future and hence live in poverty.

This fund will be the highlight of the first  annual Music Industry Conference, to be held later today in Kampala.

The conference is a key activity in commemoration of the world day for cultural diversity and development in Uganda known as World prepares to mark the Culture Day day that is celebrated on 21 May.

This years theme of the  World Culture Day is “Promoting our norms and values: a tool for national identity and patriotism”.

The conference will also discuss,the potential music has for the economic transformation in Uganda.

Richard Kaweesa, a music entrepreneur said musicians both in the past and today are faced with the same dilemma of being very famous but poor not just in Uganda but in Africa as a whole. .

“If this trend has not changed, then it is not about to even with the current big names that we have. Therefore we need to find a solution to factor them in the music industry pension fund to allow for people to sustain their livelihood even when they die,” he added.


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