Kenyan Entrepreneur says Europe is not that rosy

Stories of migrants from Africa, and their often tragic, painful experience as they cross the Mediterranean into Europe have dominated the news lately. Migrants from North Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia are not alone in paying a high price to chase their dreams elsewhere.

However, for one entrepreneur in Kenya the West was anything but rosy. She found her dream right here, at her doorstep.

Clarice Ndolo at her Nairobi office
Claris Ndolo at her Nairobi office

Some would say the African Dream is a mirage while others are living it. From the testimony of one Kenyan entrepreneur, Claris Ndolo anyone in Africa can live the African dream. At 34 years of age Claris runs her own events company in Nairobi… ‘Chic Events ‘and is now venturing into Fast food and outside catering. Her journey to success did not however begin in Kenya.

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