The Nile Series: Day 3: Full Coverage 3rd May 2015 1700GMT


We continue our coverage of the Nile :

Cultures and civilizations dating back thousands of years have been sustained by the Nile. But there has been so much looting of the buried treasures and monuments from ancient times, depriving the present and future generations a chance to experience the splendour of ancient Egypt. From the skies above the historic city of Luxor, Yasser Hakim gives us a tour of what remains of Egypt’s biggest temple.

There’s something that Egyptian have been taking from the Nile for many of centuries, but which is naturally being replenished. The river has regularly been bringing in silt from upstream countries to Egypt, which has supported local brick-making activities, since the days of the pharohs. Fahmida Miller now steps right into the mud, as she examines another enduring facet of the Nile

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