Nile Series: Day 5: Full Coverage 5th May 2015 1000GMT


Let’s get you the next installment of our magical journey down the River Nile. Let’s see what the team has in store for us today. We now go live to CCTV’s Peninah Karibe in Cairo. Peninah, good to see you again. What do you have for us?

The pyramids are the most iconic monuments in Egypt – and although they’re some distance from the Nile – the river was crucial for their construction. Yasser Hakim has more on that.

The Nile has brought prosperity to Egypt, leading to the growth of mega cities like Cairo. But this rapid expansion has come with its challenges and a gradual build up of stress, as people try to cope with the demands of modern living. The waters of the Nile once again offer the needed relief. Famida Miller takes a closer look at the river that never sleeps

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