Liberia is Ebola free, announces World Health Organization

The World Health Organization says Liberia is now free of Ebola after going 42 days without any new cases.

Ebola claimed more than 4,700 lives in Liberia more than any other country.

Its neighboring countries Sierra Leone and Guinea continue to fight the outbreak.

At the height of the crisis in September, Liberia was dealing with more than 400 new cases a week, forcing the country into a state of emergency.

WHO officials warned that there was a high risk that infected people may cross into Liberia over the region’s exceptionally porous borders and asked people to be careful until the rest of the affected countries are free.

“We can’t take our foot off the gas until all three countries record 42 days with no cases,” said Mariateresa Cacciapuoti, MSF’s head of mission in Liberia.