Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Is it the fight of the century?

Manny Pacquiao


In less than 24 hours from now, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will duke it out in the richest event in boxing history.

Many people have already started weighing in on this fight some calling it the biggest fight in history of boxing while others have said is its the fight of the century.

What is your take on this so much awaited fight?

Laila Ali has already spoken her thoughts on the bout.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter has called Floyd Mayweather Jr “a little boy” ahead of the undefeated American’s historic showdown with Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao.

In the lead-up to the ‘Fight of the Century’ Mayweather suggested he was a greater fighter and had done more for boxing than Ali. But Leila Ali, the daughters of one of the worlds boxing legends completely disagrees.

“I don’t agree that he’s better than Muhammad Ali,” Laila Ali said on CBS Sports.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana - Weigh-In
Floyd Mayweather Jr

That’s a whole other conversation, but I also think about the man my father is outside the ring.”

Laila, who finished her eight-year boxing career with a 24-0 record, said the man dubbed ‘Money’ is “a broken person”.

“I know Floyd. I know his family,” she said.

I wanted to reach out to him and have a conversation with him because I see a little boy, even though he’s a grown man, and I see a broken person.

Before the fight though, the fighters needed to make weight for the contest, and both came in under the 147-pound weight limit and did so before a packed arena of screaming, singing fans anticipating their landmark bout.

Weigh-in’s tend to be forgettable events, but this one was a hot ticket in boxing’s capital where more than 11,000 came out to see the fighters tip the scales.

Pacquiao stepped on the scales first and weighed in at 145 pounds – two pounds below the welterweight limit.

Mayweather followed and weighed in at 146 pounds. The fighters betrayed few emotions in their stare-down, keeping with the impersonal nature of the promotion.



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