Somali Security Ministry Warns Of Possible Al-Shabaab Attacks in Mogadishu


Somali security agencies on Wednesday warned of possible terror attacks on various major public places in the capital Mogadishu by the militant group Al- Shabaab.

Security Ministry spokesman Mohamed Yusuf told Xinhua the police had compiled intelligence reports which point to likely attacks on mosques, markets, hospitals and other public places.

Yusuf said all security agencies in the city have tightened security in major public places and has called on members of the public to be vigilant.

“We have credible information that Al-Shabaab militants are planning to launch massive attacks on public places in the city. As a result, we have increased security surveillance in all parts of the city especially in public places,” Yusuf said. “The public may be inconvenienced during this period, but we call for cooperation and vigilance from everyone,” he added.

Al-Shabaab has carried out several attacks in the recent past in Mogadishu, including one on the education headquarters which killed at least 20 people earlier this month.

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