EU leaders meet for an emergency over the Mediterranean crisis


European Union leaders meeting for an emergency meeting  over the ongoing Mediterranean migrant crisis have committed to new resources to save lives in the Mediterranean .

The leaders also discussed action to destroy vessels that could be used for trafficking. But even before the leaders met the EU council president cautioned that there was no quick fix to problem

“Nobody has any illusions that we can solve the problem today. No, we cannot because the real causes are war, instability, and poverty in the whole region, and for sure Europe is not the cause of the whole situation in the Mediterranean, but we all must make a greater effort to handle their worst consequences, and I am sure that we can agree on common and concrete action today,” Donald Tusk, Council President said.

There were just 28 survivors from Sunday’s disaster, which appeared to be the worst ever among migrants fleeing by sea to Europe from north Africa.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe should focus its attention on fighting the human traffickers who put the people on the boats.

On Monday EU foreign ministers agreed on a 10 point plan to deal with the crisis including committing new resources to save lives as well as action to destroy vessels that could be used for trafficking.

However the united nation has dismissed the EU plan . In a statement released earlier today the UN said…

“The European Union response needs to go beyond the present minimalist approach in the 10 Point Plan on Migration, announced by the EU on Monday, which focuses primarily on stemming the arrival of migrants and refugees on its shores. As a paramount principle, the safety, protection needs, and human rights of all migrants and refugees should be at the forefront of the EU response. ”

The leaders who have been meeting for hours are expected to issue a statement about the talks and a lists of 13 proposals to deal with the pressure of hundreds of thousands of people trying to reach a continent where anti-immigrant political parties are on the rise.



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