Niger appeals to WHO for Meningitis vaccine

Niger Prime Minister Brigi Rafini


Authorities in Niger have ordered all schools around the capital Niamey to be closed until Monday in its fight against Meningitis which has killed at least 85 people.

Niger’s prime minister Brigi Rafini ordered the vaccination of all children aged 2 up to 15 years against the disease which kills.

More than 900 cases of the disease have been diagnosed since January, resulting in 85 deaths.

The government says its in need of  more than 1 million doses of meningitis vaccine but  only about half  of that is available.

He appealed to Niger’s allies and the World Health Organization to help make up the shortage.

The meningitis virus attacks the lining surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It could lead to deafness and severe brain damage. About half the cases are fatal.