South Africa calls for more cooperation at the Asia-Africa summit

Cyril Ramaphosa
South African Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa


South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa  has stressed the need for more cooperation between Africa and the Asin countries saying that infrastructure holds great potential for Asian-African cooperation.

He was Speaking at the 60th commemoration of the Asia-Africa conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said both the African and the Asian continents have recognised the urgent need to ­promote economic development both in their respective continents and in south-south relations.

The deputy president urged Asian countries with capital and technical expertise to partner with Africa. He also said that in strengthening cooperation a new era in global trade could begin.

Many African countries “with inadequate rail, road and port infrastructure, are simply unable to productively exploit their abundant natural resources”, Ramaphosa said.

Asian countries, with their skills, capital, and technical and engineering expertise and know-how, can “partner with African countries in developing this critical area”, he stressed.

The deputy president, who represents South African President Jacob Zuma in a series of meetings  said that a number of Asian countries are participating actively in infrastructure development projects on the African continent. “We say may this continue.”

The deputy president also highlighted the importance of intercontinental-cooperation in manufacturing, saying the manufacturing sector is “key to economic transformation in Africa” .

Manufacturing is vital to Africa’s economic future as it can contribute quite substantially to improving growth, reducing unemployment and addressing the balancing of payment issues, he underscored.

South Africa’s deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa  attended the Africa Asia summit in Indonesia after President Jacob Zuma pulled out in favour of staying in SA and dealing with the Xenophobia outbreak.


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