Mugabe instructs Chinamasa to pay civil servants bonuses

Zimbabwe's President has denied the plans to scrap civil servants bonuses

President Robert Mugabe told thousands of civil servants that they will be paid their annual bonuses, despite what the Finance Minister announced last week
Minister Patrick Chinamasa told reporters last Monday that he was suspending bonus payments for civil servants until 2017 saying the cash-strapped government could not afford the annual gratuity. But Mugabe at the weekend publicly attacked his finance minister accusing him of running a parallel government and saying scrapping of the bonuses was not approved by the cabinet or the presidency.
The Zanu PF-administration is struggling to pay salaries of its estimated half a million workers with the government wage bill said to be nearly 90 percent of its revenues. The finance minister admits mistakes were made and procedures were not followed. He withdrew his earlier directive. Chinamasa said civil servants would be paid their 13th cheque, as instructed by the president.

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