‘Kenye West’s Bible’ explained

kenya bible

A new version of The Holy Bible that replaces every mention of God with Kanye West was launched this month it has continued to elicit a lot of talk. It is a book written in his owner and replaces God’s name with his name. It is claimed that it was written by his fans.

The book  is entitled The Book of Yeezus.

kanye bible

The book also comes with an amusing description, saying that in each generation there is a star who is so important that they “accompany that generation through its evolution, being a part of ultimately shaping its identity.

The man who co-wrote  the Novelty ‘Bible’ that replaces the word “God” with Kanye, in honor of the iconic rapper Kanye West, has said that his book is not intended to offend Christians but rather to provoke thought and broader discussions about faith and culture.


The Book of Yeezus, which is a nod to West’s sixth studio album, was initially thought by some to be a hoax when it appeared for sale online earlier this month but one of its three authors has confirmed its authenticity. The book recently sparked a firestorm of criticism and one of the authors has spoken out publicly for the first time in an exclusive interview with The Christian Post.

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The book, which is described as a “Bible for the modern day,” replaces every mention of God in the book of Genesis with the rapper’s name but the author insists that it is not intended to mock Christianity. He said the purpose of the book, which retails for $20 via ETSY, is to “make people think,” particularly during a time when more and more people are becoming obsessed with celebrity culture.